About River

Hello! I’m glad you’re here. I am a sex and relationship coach trained in the Somatica method. I help people have more authentic intimacy with themselves and the people they care about. I see clients in person in Berkeley, CA, as well as worldwide on Zoom. I also teach workshops on boundaries, consent, and polyamory.

I got my training through the Somatica Institute in 2020, where I am now a group leader for new students. Other recent trainings/courses I’ve completed are Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy and Somatic Attachment Therapy courses through The Embody Lab, Beyond Consent taught by Mischa Byruck, and From Premature Attachment to Slut Secure by Reid Mihalko and Misha Bonaventura of the Bonobo Network.

Don’t be fooled by my femme appearance— I grew up on a farm as a tomboy, and I chainsaw, weed whack, and use power tools like a badass.